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Twisted, bloody adventure await in this dark take on old school-style road races

Twisted, bloody adventure await in this dark take on old school-style road races

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Program license: Free

Program by: Pocket King Games

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android Mac


Program license

(4,313 votes)


Program by

Pocket King Games

Works under:

Also available for


Android Mac

Happy Wheels is an online game that plays like a traditional arcade game. A player controls an avatar through a variety of challenges and tasks, such as driving a race car from one end of the level to the other, or just driving aimlessly around in a golf cart. The goal of the game is to finish all of the different challenges presented in a particular level and make it out in one piece.

Pros of Downloading Happy Wheels:

  • Lots of Variety in the Levels: In most levels, it will be rare for a player to experience the same objective twice. This keeps the game fresh and makes it an enjoyable experience for an extended period of time. Each of the levels has different obstacles that must be avoided to complete the challenge, and there are a variety of possible ways to mitigate the effects of each obstacle.
  • Ability to Customize Controls: The only way to stop each obstacle from negatively affecting the game is to hit specific buttons which perform specific actions. Because of this, it is important for the player to arrange the buttons in a way that makes intuitive sense. The ability to manually organize the buttons allows a player to optimize the setup and ultimately play the game more efficiently.
  • Dark Humor: Despite the cartoon nature of the game, some dark humor pervades the playing experience. For example, side characters are eaten by dinosaurs, and there is a spurt of blood that the player must drive through to complete the level. This may seem morbid to some; but for others, the juxtaposition of the innocence of cartoons with the worldliness of the gore increases the enjoyment of playing.

Cons of Downloading Happy Wheels:

  • Sometimes Difficult to Keep Track of Character: One of the main drawbacks of Happy Wheels is that its fast pace often makes it difficult to know precisely what is happening. This can sometimes cause players to lose track of their avatars and not play as effectively. This confusion increases as the levels become more challenging.
  • Lagging: Many users have reported incidents of the game freezing up when it is running particularly hard on certain computers. To avoid this possibility, the computer should meets all of the recommendations for processing speed and memory capacity. But if problems do occur, the help guide contains recommended solutions.